EWS Training



Envirowaste Solutions UK Limited (Trading as EWS Training) was established in 2007 and brings together a small team of highly experienced specialists within the Waste, Health & Safety and Environmental industries to deliver all CIWM (WAMITAB) qualifications, from level 1 through level 4, nationwide

Our company is built on the principles of delivering quality training and providing reliable service to all of our clients both large and small.

EWS Training offers a diversified product range.  We monitor trends and industry regulations to continuously grow and improve our standard products, always listening to our customers.

Our unique service and delivery have established our place as a top provider of training in the waste industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact on our clients.



CIWM (WAMITAB) was formed back in 1989 and stands for Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board.  CIWM (WAMITAB) is an awarding organisation and charity that develops qualifications for those working in the waste management and recycling, cleaning and street cleansing, facilities management and parking industries. They work directly with industry leaders to shape and deliver employer-led qualifications that provide individuals with fit-for-purpose skills for the workplace and supporting environmental sustainability.

CIWM (WAMITAB) offers over 120 qualifications across the Waste, Environmental, Cleaning, Facilities Management and Parking Sectors.  Qualifications range from CIWM (WAMITAB) entry-level (Level 1) through to operatives (Level 2), supervisory (Level 3) and Management (Level 4).