Consultancy Services

EWS not only provide a full range of training we also provide full in-house consultancy services to the Waste & Environmental Sectors for both Standard Rules and Bespoke Environmental Permit Applications. As part of these consultancy services, we can provide Fire Prevention Plans, Environmental Management Systems and training programs for in-house delivery by the client. All our training programs come with detailed procedures for adoption by our clients, ensuring they are fully compliant with the terms of their Environmental Permit and other legal requirements.

Consultancy Services offered:

  • Full Environmental Permit Applications (Standard Rules & Bespoke).
  • FPP – Fire prevention plans are becoming a standard document for most types of Environmental Permits. These are bespoke to the application site and are not generic in nature and must be approved by the Environment Agency before a new Permit is approved. A copy of the FPP must be forwarded to the Local Fire Brigade before waste operations commence.
  • Environmental Management Systems – Essential requirement for all sites. These manuals are again bespoke to all sites. Comprising of detailed procedures enabling the site to run in compliance with the Environmental Permit. Your local EA officer will request a copy of this document and a copy will be required to be held centrally with the Environment Agency.
  • IED – Industrial Emissions Directive. If sites process more than 10 tonnes of hazardous waste or store more than 50 tonnes of hazardous waste the facility will likely be classified as coming under IED Regulations.
  • Independent auditing for all areas of compliance can be provided by our highly experienced consultants.


Climate Change Risk Assessments (CCRA)

Following a review, the Environment Agency has implemented new requirements for all Environmental Permit holders.  You will now need to integrate climate change adaptation planning into your management system and complete a Climate Change Adaptation Risk Assessment by 1st April 2024.

To prepare your site for Climate Change in your Management System, all sites with an Environmental Permit are required to have a written Environmental Management System in place to minimise risks of pollution caused by the permitted activities. The Environment Agency provides guidance on the requirements of these types of management systems.  One of the latest requirements is to undertake an assessment to understand if a changing climate could affect your operations and your ongoing ability to comply with your permit in the future.

The types of events to be considered under the Climate Change Risk Assessment are changes to site operations through:

  • Globally rising sea levels
  • Higher average temperatures across all seasons
  • Increased frequency and intensity of heat waves, excessively hot days and wildfires.
  • Changes in rainfall patterns and rain intensity/duration
  • Increased frequency of extreme weather such as storms

When considering the changes above, the operational site needs to plan appropriately and implement changes, if and when required, to try and reduce future impacts. Reviews and revisions should be made in response to new information and plans should include ways to test the effectiveness of the actions, policies, procedures and assessments.

So what is required under these changes and when do they need to be implemented?

Following an update to guidance in April 2023 the Environment Agency released information on when and what Environmental Permit holders will need to do to meet the requirements for climate adaptation planning.

What you need to do falls into two specific paths, which are detailed below and purely relate to when your permit was issued.

If your Environmental Permit was issued on or after 1st April 2023, under the guidance you need to integrate climate change adaptation planning into your Environmental Management System.

Conversely, if your Environmental Permit was issued before the 1st April 2023  and although you should already have considered climate change impacts on your operations, you need to complete a Climate Change Adaptation Risk Assessment by 1st April 2024.

To find out how EWS Consultancy Services can help you with achieving the compliance requirements for the Climate Change Adaptation requirements at your facility, please get in touch.


Overseas Consultancy Services

EWS provide consultancy services to partners overseas ranging from strategic recycling plans, bespoke environmental training and equipment sourcing through our far-reaching contacts in the UK please contact us for more details.

Please call/email for full details and prices for all Consultancy Services.



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