Continuing Competence Refresher Course

Who is required to take a CIWM(WAMITAB) Continuing Competency Test

You are required to take this test if you are using your held CIWM(WAMITAB) certificate and acting as the technically competent person on site.

Technically competent people in England and Wales are required to pass their Continuing Competence test every two years from the date published on either the Level 4 Waste Management certificate held  (if this is your first Continuing Competence test) or from the date printed on the last Continuing Competence certificate (if you have taken the Continuing Competence test before) for the specific activity.

How we can help

We provide a refresher course for those who would like to refresh their knowledge held before undertaking the online based test at a local testing centre.

Our course covers the generic areas which everyone must undertake which are: Legislation, Environmental Protection and Health & Safety.  Plus, the activity specific level 4 waste certificate held eg. transfer, treatment hazardous or non-hazardous or end of life vehicles and landfill awards.

We also cover what to expect at the testing centre for those taking for the first time and how to understand your score card.

Course Delivery

Our course(s) can be taken:

  • One-to-one half-day session via an online platform or at your premises delivered by an expert in the waste industry, whereby the time is yours to focus on areas you wish to cover.
  • Group session at your place of work with colleagues who are also due for renewal.


Please contact us for more information.